How We Build:

  Experienced boaters know that the true measure of quality often lies hidden beneath glossy finishes and fancy marketing claims. Edge Marine welcomes a closer examination of our boats and the process in which we build them, as we are certain you will be impressed with our deep rooted commitment to building a better boat. The difference between an average boat and a great one lies not only in the materials used in construction, but also in the care and expertise with which those materials are assembled. With more than four decades of boat building experience to draw from, Edge Marine has refined boat building to a perfected art and each boat we build is our latest "master piece". While others cut time and cost by relying on outside vendors and assembling boats from simpler pre-formed components, Edge invests the extra time and painstaking labor needed to create true hand-crafted boats. Our expert boat builders, all whom have been building boats for years, carefully hand fit each and every piece to exact Edge specifications. With this extra effort Edge is able to achieve a degree of strength, longevity and quality unmatched by any "assembly line" builder.